The main reason for starting TechString was because I wanted to wrap my head around Visual Basic Express 2010. It’s been years since I was last programming and I thought this project would be a great way to dive back into it. Some of the features were things I wanted to code in so I could use myself. This wasn’t put together by some big business expecting to make millions or anything. I was just trying to create a useful application that I could use myself and figured some others out there could make good use of it as well!

I started coding TechString in mid December and it took almost a month to complete. Although coding was finished it still took some extra time to check and fix bugs that arose. Now that everything is complete I expect to have it completely finished and available for download by January 11, 2013!

Although I may not be releasing too many updates for this software – Everything works perfectly on it and should for some time. If something should happen to break just let us know by using the contact form and I’ll look into it personally. I try to do my own testing on a regular basis and will always release new updates if I come across any bugs or issues. If you have a couple extra minutes please support this software by visiting our sponsor or resource partners!

download techstring