February 24th, 2013New Update Released (v1.1)

We recently pushed a new update for the TechString application. There was a small issue with both the ping thread and the proxy checker thread. Both of these issues have now been resolved and the program is working extremely nicely! If you’ve already downloaded the free software then you’ll be prompted to automatically update it the next time you launch it. Otherwise, just visit the Download page and get your free copy of TechString now!

I’m very proud to announce the official release of TechString. As scheduled, the TechString networking software has finished its beta stages and can now be downloaded from our Download Now page. I encourage everyone to download this new software and give it a try. Anyone who needs to monitor their local network should find some good use from this tool and anyone who doesn’t know much about Internet Explorer may find it useful as well. It’s completely free and comes loaded with different features. Try it out and contact us if you run into any issues, bugs, or installation problems. We’ll do our very best to help out!

TechString v1 is in the final stages and will be ready for download very soon! If you’re in the need for a free networking tool then TechString will be your best solution! Coded in Visual Basic, this new tool allows you to perform a number of different functions from just one little piece of software!

Pinger – Ping one address or ping an entire list of addresses! Ping an IP Address or a Website Address! The TechString software allows you to add or load addresses and ping them as many times as you specify!

Website Monitor – Enter your Website or IP Address and select how often you want the TechString program to monitor. It will automatically check your website as often as you want and report if the website is down!

Send Email – Enter and Save your email information into the TechString software. Then, anytime you need to send an email while the software is open it can be done with just a couple of clicks!

Proxy Checker – Load your own list of proxies or download them from one of the three free source we give you! Use the TechString proxy software to quickly check HTTP proxy servers for validation.

WhoIs Lookup – Perform WhoIs Lookups on domain names to see who owns them, when they expire, and where they are registered.

Network Scan – Run a quick scan on your network to see which computers are online. Find out if anyone is on your network who shouldn’t be just by running a scan with our Network Scanning software!

Browser Options – Quickly clean up Internet Explorer and make it run faster by removing cache, cookies, temporary internet files, favorites, and browsing history with just one click!

With the ability to run on multiple threads, TechString allows you to perform more than just one task at a time. Send a ping while you’re scanning the network! There is plenty more to come soon so check back and download your free copy of the TechString web tool.

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