Look over this brief FAQ section and find answers for some of the more common questions we get asked about the TechString networking software. If you can’t find your answer listed here then please Contact Support and we’ll be happy to answer it for you!

Q: Does Your Software Cost Money?
A: No. The TechString Software is Complete Free

Q: Does Your Software Work on Mac?
A: Not at this time. Our software only works with Windows

Q: What Version of Windows is Required?
A: TechString has been tested on Windows XP, Vista, 7/8. TechString software may not run properly on older versions of Windows.

Q: Is .NET Framework Required?
A: Yes. Your computer will need .NET Framework 4. If your computer does not already have this it can be downloaded for free from Microsoft Here.

Q: Will I Receive Updates?
A: Yes. The software will check for new updates every time it is launched. When a new update is released your software will update automatically once it’s launched.

Q: Does the Web Monitor Run When Offline?
A: No. The website monitor runs off your local internet connection. Therefor, if your local internet connection goes down it will not be able to properly check if your website is online.

Q: Does Your Free Software Install Adware or Display Ads?
A: No. Our software is completely free and clean. We don’t expect to make a profit from this tool nor do we plan to install any kind of adware onto your computer.

Q: Do You Offer Support for TechString Software?
A: We offer limited support for this networking tool. It’s a free tool and many of the features are self-explanatory. We will try our best to assist you and answer any questions but technical support is not guaranteed.